“Hasami-yaki” refers to pottery produced in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture. As represented by “Kurawanka bowls (Kurawanka rice bowls)” and “Konpura bottles” that were produced in large quantities during the Edo period, it is a pottery-producing area that is good at producing high-quality daily-use tableware at low prices by suppressing costs through mass production.

It used to be sold mixed with Arita ware as a low-priced version of Arita ware, which is a high-end tableware baked in the neighboring town of Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture. However, recently, products created by popular kilns and manufacturers such as “Hakusan pottery” and “natural69” have been highly evaluated for their “balance of good quality and easy-to-find price” and “high designability”, making it a very popular place for customers looking for cute tableware.

There is no characteristic feature of Hasami-yaki that can be recognized at a glance like Onta ware. However, it is said that “Hasami-yaki makes anything” and that the characteristic of the producing area is that it creates products flexibly according to the needs of the times.

Recently, Hasami-yaki with fashionable and cute designs that are very easy to use have been developed one after another, so we will select items that you will be pleased with every day at our store!